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We're Turning One!

We're Turning One!

This coming Saturday, June 1st, marks our 1 year anniversary....

1 YEAR?!

I can hardly believe at this time last year we were in the home stretch - doing all the crazy last-minute preparations to open our doors at 108 N. Union Street in the heart of Kennett Square.  This upcoming week, I’ll be sharing with you via Instagram and Facebook snippets of that week-before-opening, but for now, I just want you to know how grateful I am for YOU!

Do you know one of my biggest fears about opening this shop?  I had a boat-load of fears, but one prominent one was this:

I was afraid no would show up.

I had a dream and a passion and a heart to make an impact for good with Clean Slate Goods - here locally and across the globe, but I knew none of that would be possible without YOU!

And those months and weeks and days leading up to our opening brought a whole lot of "what-ifs" concerning you:

What if you don’t get it?

What if you don’t like it?

What if you don’t come?

What if you don’t come... back?

But you got it, and liked it, and you came, and many of you have come back, and back, and back.  

And for this 



Because of you, we were able to place orders, and re-orders, and re-re-orders with 30+ fair trade and for-good brands across the globe.

Because of you, more jobs were created for artisans in at-risk communities, allowing them to support their families, send their children to school, and create positive change in their communities.

Because of you, we’ve gained new customers as you’ve “shared the love” and spread the word about our shop.

Because of you, multiple local organizations, doing good right here in our community, have been supported through fundraising and donations.

Because of you, we have a reason to celebrate, and celebrate big this June 1st!

Thank you for your love and support - for shopping small and shopping local and shopping purposefully.  My heart is busting as I write this...  Thanks for showing up - Clean Slate Goods could not, and would not, be possible without you.  

So are you ready to CELEBRATE?  I sure am, and sincerely hope you'll join us on June 1st for all the fun and "thank-you"s we have in store for you!
You are an integral part of this journey and truly are making such an amazing impact for good!

With a grateful heart,