Esperanza Island Lip Balm
All-Natural Ingredients:  Cocoa Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Beeswax, Essential Oils of Vanilla & Mint. Cool, minty peppermint lip balm with warm cocoa butter to help you stave off chapped...
Peppermint & Cocoa Soap
This bar is loaded with Coconut oil - a superfood for the skin. Coconut oil has innumerable benefits - it is deeply moisturizing, protects the skin, is antibacterial and antiungal, fights...
Coco Loco Bar
Coconut oil is amazing - one of the best and most soothing oils used for moisturizing, repairing and protecting the skin. To make our Coco Loco soap we get coconuts...
Honey, Almond & Oats Bar
This soap was crafted thinking of your face - the skin on your face has more hair follicles and pores than the rest of your skin (to potentially accumulate dirt),...
Morning Roast Bar
Coffee is great for your skin - it’s mildly astringent so it temporarily firms your skin and can help you fight cellulite deposits on your legs or other parts of your...
Aloe Blast Bar
Our bestselling bar! Aloe is a gift for the skin and we sure use a ton of it in our bars. Aloe gel is known to moisturize and cleanse the...
Sunrise Lemongrass Bar
Lemongrass is astringent, making it naturally antimicrobial and antiseptic. Because its more acidic, it acts as a natural toner - helps balance the pH of your skin and cleanses deeply. Perfect...
Esperanza Soap Holder
Handmade soap decks, that will make sure your bar stays dry and lasts a long time. Specially made for natural soap.
Grapefruit & Sea Salt Bar
Our latest addition to our Esperanza bars - an amazing bar with Grapefruit essential oils and sea salt that will leave you squeaky clean and refreshed. Hadmade with Virgin coconut...
Minty Bath Bomb - Large
We have new, very fizzy and fun bath bombs that are perfect stocking stuffers! Sizes are 3oz and 5oz. They have Castor oil for a moisturizing bath, and are packed...