Sari XL Headband

Sari XL Headband

Sari XL Headband Our sari headbands are made from recycled sari material and are a great way to dress up any outfit!...
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Sari XL Headband

Size: 65 inches long

Material: Recycled Sari Material

Care Instructions: Wash gently. Tumble Dry. Love Well.

*colors and patterns may vary from picture

 Your purchase makes an impact!

Every Sari Bow Hair Scarf goes through the hands of 2 women and provides approximately 1/2 an hour of work!

The mission of Asha Imports is to be a voice for people who have no voice. Our focus in business is to bring hope to the poor and oppressed people of our world; in fact, the Hindi word "Asha" means hope. We distribute products made by people who have been given a chance to rise above their circumstances and take back their humanity.