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Why Asking for Help is a Good Thing

Why Asking for Help is a Good Thing

Do you ever struggle with asking for help?

A couple weeks ago, I sent out an SOS to our entire email list, asking for help in a new venture for our shop.  I'd been researching clothing companies and ordering sample pieces, but it was now time to get a focus group together - I truly wanted this selection process to be a group effort.  Most likely that email made its way to your inbox, or your spam (stinkin' spam).  

But here's the thing, before hitting "send" on that email, insecurity reared its ugly head:

What if nobody comes?

What if they think trying on clothes and filling out response cards is silly?

What if they come and their first thought is, "This is it?"

What if they don't like any of the sample pieces I've picked?....

Why is asking for help so hard?

I don't know about you, but I certainly prefer to be the one helping rather than the one asking for help.  Asking for help can make us vulnerable & needy and it can also shine a spotlight on our pride.  


Because, for goodness sake, what if we put ourselves out there and people figure out we don't have it all together? (Egads!)

Yet that's where the beauty lies.  When we do the ask, big or small, and allow ourselves to let down our guard and be helped, that's when we get to experience how much better it is to rally together, flaws and all, rather than attempting to fly solo.

Despite my fears, our focus group night was filled with smiles and encouragement and awesome feedback.  Others chimed in on our online poll.  And every single response and comment was put into account as we prepared our first official clothing order for the shop (which will be arriving very soon)!  
Our focus group of lovely contributors all modeling potential new clothing pieces.

What IF?

What if I avoided the ask?

If I had, I would have missed out - on all of the above and more than that, on the chance to be in this together.  We are BETTER together.

Let's remember this as we enter the holiday season; a season where we can put so much on our plates (figuratively and literally!).  

Are you hosting a big family gathering?  Ask for help!  Have Aunt Sarah bring her famous sweet potato casserole and your sister (with the newborn and toddler and a full time job) pick up a pie from that bakery by her office.  Decorating the house for Christmas?  Let your kids or hubby or friend come and help (my 6 year old decided he wanted to help this year and I honestly had to hold myself back from telling him "no thank you."  And you know what?  It turned out to be a lot more fun with his out-of-my-usual-box contributions).

Let's ring in this festive season together and discover the gift of giving and receiving help.

- Kari