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Share the Love with Jewelry

Share the Love with Jewelry

made has become my redemption song! After years of depression, anxiety, and self-harm, the process of mining stones, cleaning them, and turning them into jewelry became a tangible object lesson for me of God's abundant grace and His relentless love.” These words come from Stacy MacDonald, owner/designer of one of our new partners, made, and the founder of its outreach program.

Producing quality jewelry, made is based right here in the States--in Arkansas. They source Quartz fragments that have been trampled underfoot for decades. And believe it or not, each stone used in their necklaces and earrings is just how they found it! These untampered stones are a testament to the mission of made: we are each beautiful just the way we are.

In their outreach program, Out of the Clay, made aims to help women in recovery believe that they too “are so worth the dig”. Participants in this program study the Bible together while also digging into the mines. “From the Dig, to the Wash, to the Make, we aim to cultivate creativity while pointing to hope in our Creator.” made also produces a book based off Psalm 40:1-3 which shows images of the steps in their jewelry production process, starting at the mine and ending with the finished piece, and also shares Stacy’s testimony. It begins and ends with hope.

With 10% of all sales going to the Out of the Clay program, you know that your purchase makes a difference in someone’s life as she learns to take back her life and believe in her worth. Our selection of made jewelry includes a variety of delicate, unique, and feminine products.

Stacy MacDonald says, “If stones that have been buried since creation can now be found and cleaned and turned into something for others, how much greater is Christ’s plan for me?! For us! Let Him heal the hurts and wounds in your heart. I hope that you will discover His goodness and that you will get to walk in true freedom, redemption, and restoration. Because sister, you are so worth the dig.”