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Hope for Reluctant Resolution Makers

Hope for Reluctant Resolution Makers

Happy 2020!

Around this time every year, it hits me:


The bears are totally onto something. 

(And yes, I’m talking about the furry variety, not the jersey-clad variety.)


While everyone else seems to be full of ambition, goal-setting and resolution-making, I’m just looking for the nearest cave to snuggle up in.


Anyone with me on this one?

At the beginning of January, there’s this inner struggle between rest and resolve, and then at some point mid-month, a strong desire to throw in the towel and fully embrace my inner lazy (just until the first thaw, at least).  

Post holidays + cold days + less sunlight are the perfect argument for human hibernation, IMHO.


Recently though, I read a quote in Jennie Allen's Made for This that struck a chord with me and challenged my lazy:


“Win the day.”


This is a quote Chip Kelly was known for when he coached football at the University of Oregon.  He would encourage his players to focus on where they found themselves on any given day, be it a scrimmage, or drill training; in the weight room, or on the field for the big game.  Whatever was before them that day, to give it their all, and WIN it.  

Which begged the question for me: 

What could be possibly won by sleeping in a cave all winter?
(furry friends excluded)


So I mulled this phrase over, and later shared with a friend my desire to adopt this mindset.  And on the heels of this, she asked me:


“Have you chosen a word to focus on this year?”


I hadn't, but loved the idea of combining a word with the “win the day” mindset.


It didn't take long for me to figure out my word:




With my family, my friends, my community, God, and even myself.

For me, connection would mean, among other things,

- Playing a card game with my boys rather than mindlessly scrolling on my phone.

- Sending a text to set a date to get together with friends, even if it took no less than 10 texts to coordinate.

- Showing up to a workout on a cold, dark morning even when I'm sore and grumpy.

This month, connection has taken extra effort (because January + cold + tired), yet when I've taken the steps towards it, the rewards have far outweighed the efforts.  I'm far from where I want to be on this journey, but that's the beauty of choosing a word to work on for the whole year (thankfully we still have 11+ months of 2020).

How about you?  Are you a naturally-motivated resolution-maker and pursuer, or are you struggling with finding motivation in this new year?  If it's the latter, know that you are not riding solo in that boat.  I encourage you, like my friend encouraged me, to choose a word that resonates with you, and then decide how you'll incorporate it to "win the day" today, and in the days ahead.  Often it's the simplest acts that add up to make the biggest impact.

And for those days when you just want to pull the covers over your head?  Use all the grit you’ve got to get up and do it anyway - yes, do it anyway- no matter the excuses playing out in your mind.  A month from now, and wow, a year from now, you're going to be so glad you didn't listen to those excuses.


For good reason, God didn’t create you, or me, to hibernate.  We are made for more than that; yes, even in these winter months.  So let’s get up, and out there, and seize this day so graciously given us - each day is truly a gift.













Be Bold.


Love Well.



Whatever your word (or words) may be, may you choose to live them out intentionally for good in this new year.


Win the day, friend!

- Kari