Th(E) Braid Bracelet

Th(E) Braid Bracelet

Educate. Empower. Change a life with Th(E) Bracelet. 45 Bracelets = Preschool45 Bracelets = Elementary80 Bracelets = Middle school120 Bracelets...
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      • Educate. Empower. Change a life with Th(E) Bracelet.

        45 Bracelets = Preschool
        45 Bracelets = Elementary
        80 Bracelets = Middle school
        120 Bracelets = High school

        Your purchase provides rural Guatemalan girls with the resources they need to fulfill their dream of an education.

        All bracelets are produced by artisanal craftswomen in Guatemala and whose designs are inspired by their rich local history and culture. Choose between 3 different styles or style them all together!

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        • Waxed polyester thread
        • Copper coated brass beads
        • Zamak metal button closure
        • 7 - 11.5"D, adjustable slip knot bracelets
        • 8"D, button loop bracelet
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